Serious Post, Problem with PC :(

To the land of Winterfell! (IT Support!)

Hi Guys,

welcome back to my second blog post. This one is a bit more of a serious point. I wouldn’t be writing this at the moment if it weren’t for the friendly guys over at pc live help! Basically my computer got some sort of virus which wasn’t allowing me to do anything! Luckily i still had a internet connection so i thought i would seek online tech help.

Now, i use my computer everyday, it’s my life! I watch my tv series on, i now blog, social networking and a lot of online shopping. So this is just a quick post to big up the guys who helped me out with IT Support. Click on the link i just highlighted with it support and you can go over to their site and get your problems solved! At first i thought it was this Gameover zues or cryptolocker virus but they assured me it wasn’t, however it was all sorted i think for only ¬£15 but I’ve signed up to a plan too so it will help me from getting things like this again in the future.

Anyway back to business or better known, blogging. Next post, probably tomorrow i will be doing a post on my second favorite tv series which is…. I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking supernatural but not really¬†sure. Tell me what you guys like in the comments. I seem to be getting a few visitors a day so far so will hopefully get more and have a little convo! To let you know a little about me I love films and tv series so will be posting more on that. I’ve started watching breaking bad too but seems a little slow to get into. Also been watching Arrow but finished it. There seems to be a wait now for them to create some more seasons because i watch them all so quick!

Anyway, please come back and read my small review on my second favourite tv series :)


First Post, Here we go!

Ok, so as this in my first post, i wanted to talk about something that interests me and hopefully a lot of you. I’m a big fan of the GOF or better known as A Game Of Thrones! I’ve currently watched all the way up to the end of season 4. SPOILERS! It was going great, loved all the seasons but the last episode, was as if he thought, I’ll do everything the fans want of me. It was very boring. Tyrian lannister got away, killed his farther and bitch of a whore. The hound got killed by the woman and then whatever her name is went to seek the faceless assassin etc etc…

Anyway so we’ve got to wait another year now until anymore episodes come out! how bad is that? I personally only watch because on Emilia Clarke or khaleesi known in the books. I personally haven’t read the books yet but you can read a game of thrones pdf if you want to online. I’m not sure if they do a audible one yet.

Anyway as for the story of the game of thrones. I want khaleesi to rule, with her army i think the story has a good chance of going that way. As her dragons are awesome! That black one though, gotta watch out for him! Check out this video below for the best of khaleesi!


Leave comments below about how much you love a game of thrones!